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  • iMag - Swarovski Optik
  • iMag X - Swarovski Optik
  • starVision 2.7


Custom-made loupes to perfectly fit you and your practice

MEISINGER’s new Vision line features an exquisite collection of loupes, lights, and cameras that are manufactured by the world’s most trusted brands in the optical industry including Swarovski Optik, Zeiss, and starMed. With these partnerships, MEISINGER can provide magnification with unsurpassed clarity and lightweight optics along with advanced lighting. These features allow the practitioner to provide the best care while maintaining comfort and ergonomics. 

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iMAG X by Swarovski Optik

Weighing in at as little as 32g, these loupes are truly lightweight. They are super-comfortable while providing superior clarity and field-of-view.


3x-3.5x Magnifications



iMAG by Swarovski Optik

Our most innovative glasses for specialist surgery and dentistry applications deliver maximum picture quality and 100% color trueness.

4.5x-6.0x Magnifications



starVision 2.7 by starMed

High-performance construction and minimal weight are the key quality features of these loupes. Their lenses ensure a very large field of vision as well as an outstanding depth of field at 2.7x magnification. With their ergonomic and practical design, these loupes make your work easier.

2.7x Magnifications




Watch this video to learn more about MEISINGER Vision:



Looking for extra magnification to add to the loupes you already have? Watch this video below.