MEISINGER ceramic abrasives are made of high-quality, specially fused silicone carbide. The instruments are characterized by even granulation, hard bonding and stainless steel shanks. They are optimized in shape and size for high precision intraoral and/or extraoral abrasion. The high level of production quality guarantees excellent concentricity.

Abrasives for Every Restorative Material

Our diamond tools and abrasives offer uniform granulation and concentricity to help achieve the predictable, high-caliber results dentists and clinicians expect. Our tools are designed with corrosion-resistant shanks and are available in various shapes and hardness levels that adapt to different work areas.

Zirconium Oxide Dental Abrasives

Specific to the sensitive needs of zirconium oxide restoratives, these abrasive rotary instruments use a specialized grinder for precision processing. They're ideal for use at low speeds and require no hand pressure. The instruments are designed to generate minimal heat and produce no local hot spots during use, protecting the integrity of the restoration as you work.

Diamond Porcelain Grinders

Designed for zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate, feldspathic ceramics, and veneering ceramics, our diamond porcelain grinders produce little heat as you work. These diamond abrasives are available in coarse and medium grains for effective reduction of restorative materials.

Arkansas Dental Abrasives

Arkansas stones are extra-fine dental abrasives that are suited for smooth grinding and polishing filling materials and composites. The fine corundum helps you achieve results that reflect the look and feel of natural teeth.

Silicone Carbide Dental Abrasives

Used to process enamel, ceramics, and precious metals, these tools come in a variety of shapes, as well as medium and fine grains, to achieve premium results. These abrasives suit broad finishing techniques and detail work on several types of crowns and restorations.

Corundum Dental Abrasives

Our corundum dental abrasives are for working on restorations made from all types of precious and non-precious metals. They offer medium-level grain and come in a variety of shapes to achieve optimal results.

K + B Dental Abrasives

Quality made and designed for accuracy, K + B dental abrasives are available in fine (soft bonding) and medium-level grain types. These are the instruments of choice for ceramic facings and non-precious alloys.

Mounted Points for Chrome-Cobalt Alloys

These specialty abrasives come in an array of styles and grains, including coarse (very hard/hard bonding), medium (hard bonding), and fine (soft bonding) to suit your restorative needs.

Laboratory Trimmers

Available for chrome-cobalt alloys, our long-lasting trimmers suit hard and medium bonds. Our trimmers for acrylics and plaster are designed for rapid abrasion, easy grinding, and minimized heat production with zero melting effects.

Abrasive Cutting Discs

Crafted in several sizes and diameters, our broad selection of abrasive and cutting discs includes antitheorem discs for heat-free grinding and separating discs for NK Bakelite bonding.

Order MEISINGER Diamond Tools and Abrasives Online

Find all the MEISINGER diamond tools and abrasives your laboratory or dental practice requires from our expansive collection of exceptional, German-made instruments. Simply make your selection online and place your order through a preferred dealer. For more information on our products or ordering process, contact us today.