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Twist Polishers

The flexible polishing lamellae of MEISINGER’s Twist Polishers make it possible to adapt to any surface structure and render flawless results in areas that are difficult to reach, such as occlusal surfaces. The design of the Twist Polisher allows for gentle polishing on the restoration material, which maintains the original surface structure of the restoration. MEISINGER’s Twist Polishers include Prophy Twist Polishers for polishing the natural tooth, as well as polishers that are specially matched to meet the needs of ceramics and compounds. Regardless of the intended material, these polishers are defined by their effective and easy handling during prophylaxis, creating a tangible added value for practice and laboratory.

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2663 Twist Composite Polishing Kit
  • USD $199.75 /1EA
  • 1EA
2663A Intraoral Twist Composite Polishing Complete System
  • USD $530.50 /1EA
  • 1EA