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Sinus Lift

Perfect equipment for External and Internal Sinus lifts.

For the external sinus lift, MEISINGER offers the Surgical Kit 1, the Surgical Kit, the External-Lift-Control and the Lift-Control Plus. The Surgical Kits 1 and 2 contain instruments with handpiece shanks and right angle shanks for the lateral approach in an external sinus lift. Carbide cutters in three diameters and diamond instruments in three grains allow for the gradual thinning of the facial bone wall of the maxillary sinus down to the Schneiderian membrane. The large diameter of the instruments protects the membrane from unintentional perforation.The External-Lift-Control is a system for the easy performance of a complete external sinus lift. After gaining lateral access through the facial wall of the maxillary sinus, the practitioner detaches the Schneiderian membrane using the various hand-held instruments and lifts the membrane cranially from the floor of the sinus. Then, a suitable augmentation material can be inserted under the membrane.

The combined Lift-Control Plus system provides perfectly matched instruments for the performance of internal as well as external sinus floor elevation.

For the internal sinus lift, MEISINGER offers the Internal-Lift-Control, two different Crestal-Lift-Control systems and the Lift-Control Plus. During the performance of the internal sinus lift with the Internal-Lift-Control, bone inside the implant site is displaced in the direction of the maxillary sinus, while the Schneiderian membrane is lifted. This procedure is suitable for the augmentation of small vertical defects with a residual bone height of more than 6 mm. The elevation of the Schneiderian membrane occurs during the drilling process portion of the Crestal-Lift-Control procedure. The atraumatic design of the Crestal Drill with its four cutting edges and concave head allows for the safe formation of a conical bone flap and is ideally suited for collecting bone chips. Additionally, the stop sleeve system, which is tailored to the special instruments, prevents the membrane from being injured or punctured.

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