Bur Blocks

MEISINGER’s dental bur blocks help keep dental practices and labs organized and operating efficiently, while also ensuring that all included rotary instruments are safe and secure. Our wide selection of dental bur organizers come in various sizes, configurations, and colors to meet dental professionals' specific needs.

  • Available in acrylic, anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Wide selection of block fitting FG, HP, and RA shanks
  • Sterilizable and non-sterilizable options 
  • Bur block customization is available



Dental Bur Blocks

MEISINGER bur blocks offer a simple way to organize your most-used diamond, carbide, and polisher instruments. We offer the capability to customize your bur blocks tailored to your organization based on procedure types to help streamline operations. 

Since 1888, MEISINGER has provided trusted, German-made instruments designed for durability, lasting use, and efficiency. Clinical practices and dental laboratories alike depend on our top-quality dental tools to exceed standards of patient care, restorations, and more. 

Discover more about MEISINGER bur blocks and the variety of configurations and materials we offer to safeguard your dental burs for your practice or lab.

Why Choose MEISINGER Bur Blocks? 

  • Custom tools sets: Sorting your dental burs into procedure-based sets with bur blocks helps ensure you have everything needed for the treatments you provide most often.
  • Security: While our dental burs are durable, they must be handled with care. Storing your burs in a dental bur block helps prevent any damage due to bumps, drops, and collisions. 
  • Cleanliness: Bur blocks help keep your dental burs free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants, so they’re always ready for use.
  • Organization: Avoid messy drawers and trays of dental burs, save space, and sort your instruments to your liking, whether by size, material, shape, or shank. 

Top Dental Bur Block Features

MEISINGER bur blocks are created with a focus on quality, longevity, and the needs of our customers. As you explore blocks for storing dental burs, consider which of the following features best suit your requirements. 

  • Stainless Steel Bur Blocks: Made with stainless steel, these bur blocks ensure durability and provide defense against corrosion that may be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals.
  •  Plexiglas Bur Blocks: If you prefer to sterilize dental burs outside the bur block, Plexiglas models offer strength and easy visibility, so you can confirm the contents in an instant.
  • Multiple Configurations: Every lab and practice has unique storage needs. With a wide range of hole configurations, it’s easy to choose blocks that hold as few as five dental burs or as many as 60. You’ll also find bur blocks that accommodate right-angle, handpiece, and friction grip shanks.   

Learn More about MEISINGER’S Dental Bur Blocks

Make storing, accessing, and sterilizing your dental burs simple with bur blocks from MEISINGER. Place an order online today, or contact us for additional information.