Dental Polishers

MEISINGER dental polishers are crafted to the highest standards to produce a brilliant, natural luster. Their use guarantees optimal surface quality on all restorative materials. Meisinger’s wide-range of polishers ensure optimal adjustment to the different material groups ensures the lowest heat development during processing. 

Dental Polishers for Every Restoration

Backed by a history of dental excellence, our dental polishers are made with resilient, latex-free compounds (polysiloxane and synthetic rubber) mounted to a stainless-steel shaft to effectively smooth out imperfections and achieve the highest level of shine. We offer several intraoral and extraoral polishing systems and individual tools, including:

  • Occlusal surface polishers
  • Model casting polishers
  • Acrylic polishers
  • Ceramic polishers
  • Composite polishers
  • Universal polishers
  • Prophylaxis polishers
  • And more...

From the optimal level of pressure to the different material groups, our tools ensure the lowest heat development during processing to preserve the integrity of each restoration. Choose from varying shapes, sizes, and grits to yield precise results every time.

Professional Crown & Restoration Polishers

MEISINGER polishers are crafted with industry-leading designs and premium materials that foster predictable results. Our individual tools and complete kits are designed to work with temporary and permanent restorations, and offer ergonomic access to hard-to-reach areas. Some of the options for dental practices and laboratories include:

Complete Kits

MEISINGER polishing kits come with a full range of instruments in a compact package. Crafted for targeted applications, they're designed to save time, extend the life of your polishers, and achieve brilliant results. Some of our kits include:

  • Prep and finishing kits
  • Twist polisher kits
  • Intraoral/extraoral kits
  • CAD/CAM lab kits

Each dental polishing kit comes with a clearly labeled case that simplifies organization and offers ample room for backup tools. The product identification chart within each case includes item images and model numbers to help make ordering refills simple. Additionally, many of our kits are autoclavable for simple sterilization.

Single-Use Polishers

Save time and minimize the risk of cross-contamination with MEISINGER composite singles. Offering a hygienic alternative to reusable dental polishers, single-use dental polishers cut down on processing time by eliminating the need to sterilize. They're designed for hybrid composites, micro filled composite restoratives, and high-density restorative materials, and are available in an array of head shapes and grits to achieve a high level of shine in seconds.

Twist Polishers

MEISINGER’s twist polishers are designed to shine natural tooth surfaces and specific types of restorations, such as poly, zirconia, and silicate ceramics. The flexible lamellae gently polish and adapt to the contours of the tooth, while the graduated diamond grit yields short processing times. These polishers are durable and easy to maneuver for seamless finishing work.

Polishing Brushes

MEISINGER polishing brushes are sought after for pre-polishing, high-shine, and other applications. Available with natural, steel, felt, leather, and other bristle types, dental polishing brushes are precision-crafted to accommodate the unique characteristics of each type of restoration.

Order MEISINGER Dental Polishers Online

Create exceptional restorations with our German-made dental polishers. To place an order, find the polishers you need online and choose your preferred dealer. Contact us today for more information.