Do I have to have an account to order?

  • Yes, you need to create an account to complete an order as we need additional information (ex. your dealer information to put the order through and send onto them)
  • Click on Login/Register in the top right of the web page to create your very own account


How does the ordering process work?

  • Step 1: Create and Log into your Meisinger Account
  • Step 2: Search and locate your favorite Meisinger Products
  • Step 3: Put your favorite products into your cart
  • Step 4: Order your products (Your job is done here)


  • Step 5: Meisinger then puts that order in with your dealer
  • Step 6: Dealer sends those products to you


  • Step 7: Experience unbelievable results from Meisinger Products :)
  • Step 8: Do it all over (Log into your account to easily reorder your most frequently bought products)


Is pricing shown?

  • No pricing is shown as you get to still experience the great pricing and discounts your preferred dealer supplies to you and will be shown to you once the order has been sent over to your preferred dealer
  • Have questions about this? Contact your local dealer representative, Meisinger representative, or our great customer service team (through the contact us from online here, phone (303) 268-5400 or by email at [email protected]

How do I set up an account?

  • On the top right of your page click the person icon and then select Login/Register or at the very top right of any web page on the site
  • Select Register on the right hand side of the page
  • Fill out the form in its' entirety
  • Wait for Customer Service to send you your temporary password
  • Once you Login for the first time you will be prompted to change your password


Where else can I find great Meisinger products?

  • There's a lot of great places to find us!
  • The next time your dealer representative is in your office ask them about how you can get Meisinger products directly through them
  • Check our Event Page and see if we are attending a show, convention or workshop in your area
  • Contact Customer Service and see if there is a Meisinger Representative in your territory

    Where is Meisinger USA located?

    • Meisinger USA headquarters are located south of Denver, Colorado in Centennial, Colorado but our reach is nationwide! Check to see if you have a Meisinger representative in your territory today
    • Hager & Meisinger GmbH headquarters are located in Neuss, Germany

    Can I find products I might like along with the products I order?

    • That you can do too! Just go to the specific product page you enjoy and scroll down to see reviews and products you may also like


    Is Meisinger Customer service located in the USA?

    • You betcha! Located in our company headquarters our internal Customer Service team is here to assist you in any way you need!
    • Feel free to reach out to them via the online form found in the contact us button on the top right of the page, through email at [email protected], or through phone at (303)-268-5400