MEISINGER endodontic dental supplies are trusted by oral surgeons, endodontists, and other dental professionals across the globe. Our comprehensive selection of endodontic tools is meticulously manufactured for safety, minimally invasive procedures, and precision navigation. Through highly stable designs and reliable sizing, our instruments help preserve healthy tooth structure.

Endo Access Burs

MEISINGER endo access burs have long, slender necks measuring just 1 mm in diameter to provide a clear view deep into the pulp chamber and help prevent damage to root canal walls. Rigid construction makes these burs extremely strong, allowing precise control inside the tooth. Designed for heatless performance, they offer low-vibration concentricity and won't produce a layer of fine dust during the procedure. Endo access burs are available individually and in kits.

Comprehensive Access Kits

MEISINGER’s comprehensive access kits are a carefully crafted selection of instruments made from diamond, tungsten carbide, and other tough materials for lasting use. Each clearly labeled kit includes burs strong enough to provide straight line access through zirconia, PFMs, enamel, and other materials and foster predictable results patient after patient. These essential tools will help you:

  •  Remove the roof of the pulp chamber
  •   Expand and flare axial walls
  •   Locate hidden orifices

Meitrac Endo Safety Systems

Using our Meitrac Endo Safety Systems, retrieving broken fragments from the root canal can be done quickly and successfully. Made of stainless surgical steel, these instruments are constructed for seamless excavating with integral diameter control and a friction-grip chuck that allows simple traction transmission.

Whether it's a separated file or endodontic post, these essential endodontic dental supplies help ensure fragments are safely removed while sound dental tissue remains unharmed. MEISINGER instrument retrieval tools come in a variety of clearly labeled kits specific to the task at hand.

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