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Instrument Retrieval

Meisinger is a proud pioneer in the field of dental precision products. These high-quality steel dental tools are specifically crafted for dental instrument retrieval and manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards.

At Meisinger, we know that a patient's comfort is paramount. Our precision technology allows dental professionals to maintain dexterity and accuracy for a gentle removal process.

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226RF-021-RA Surgery, Stainless Steel Bur, Trephine Bur, 0.21mm Ø, RA
  • USD $55.70 /1EA
  • 1EA
226RF-120-RAL Surgery, Stainless Steel Bur, Trephine Bur, 1.5mm Ø, RA
  • USD $55.70 /1EA
  • 1EA
2270-070 Steel Bur, 7mm Ø
  • USD $98.45 /1EA
  • 1EA
2270-120 Steel Bur, 12mm Ø
  • USD $98.45 /1EA
  • 1EA
2270-150 Steel Bur, 15mm Ø
  • USD $98.45 /1EA
  • 1EA

Dental retrieval instruments are a necessary part of any endodontics, oral surgery, or periodontics office. Procedures like root canals or dental implant operations may necessitate instrument retrieval.

The Meisinger Guarantee

Not all endodontics procedures go as planned. When screws fracture or implants are damaged, retrieval is necessary for patient safety. Dental instrumentation, like implants or screws, can become damaged or fracture during or after a procedure. In the event of a dental retrieval, patients may be concerned about pain or potential complications. Your patients deserve to feel safe. Trust that Meisinger USA has endodontic instrument retrieval tools are created with stabilization and accuracy in mind. This makes for a seamless removal to minimize any potential patient discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Proper Dental Retrieval?

When retrieval is not completed or executed properly, the final outcome of the procedure is affected.


Accurate retrieval is vital for:

  • Maintenance of internal thread integrity
  • Proper Debridement
  • Thorough Irrigation
  • Excellent shaping
  • Patient satisfaction through pain reduction
  • Prevention of poor patient outcomes

Premium Selection

Our products include:

  • Removal burs
  • Abutment separation tools
  • Screw removal tools
  • And more!

With a size selection ranging from 2.1 mm to 15 mm, Meisinger dental tools accommodate any retrieval need.

Purchase High Quality Retrieval Tools

Our dental instrument retrieval equipment and systems are conveniently ordered through your preferred distributor.

Invest in your dental practice today and order your preferred dental instrument retrieval equipment through one of our dealers.

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