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MEISINGER’s dental diamond burs are ideal for the precise cutting and finishing of all types of procedures. The carefully selected diamond grains are bonded to the stainless steel body using the most modern galvanizing processes for a durable and reliable cutting surface. This process also guarantees a homogeneous and lasting diamond coating of the instruments for optimal procedural results.

  • Durable diamond bonding process
  • Homogeneous diamond distribution
  • Concentric construction

 Made in Germany


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Multi-Use Diamond Burs

Our multi-use diamond burs are bonded to stainless-steel shanks with an advanced bonding process. All burs are created with carefully selected natural diamond grains to form a coating that is homogenous, safe, and long-lasting.

MEISINGER’s multi-use diamond burs are available in several grains and a variety of sizes and shapes with multiple shank options. 

Specialty Diamond Burs

Among our multi-use diamond burs, we offer a selection of specialty burs tailored for specific needs. 



Black Cobra® Diamond Burs

These burs feature super-coarse grit are ideal for faster crown preparations and work great on hard materials such as zirconium and lithium silicate. The unique Carbocer coating minimizes friction and resists corrosion and wear to help retain the instrument’s original surface properties. Diamond-free channels allow cooling during use and help reduce clogging for more efficient cutting. 


Diamond & Carbide Hybrid Burs

With a carbide head and diamond collar, these burs provide exceptional performance for countless applications.



Guide Pin Diamond Burs

Available with parallel or tapered sides, these burs feature a unique small guide pin on the tip. These pins are designed to be used subgingival to help achieve precise reduction to the axial walls of a crown preparation. 


Micro Diamond Burs

These instruments are favored for pediatric dentistry and minimally invasive procedures. Defined abrasive properties, perfect optical control, and diverse shapes ensure maximum preservation of healthy tooth structures. 


Occlusal Reduction Burs

Occlusal reduction burs utilize a proprietary angled depth stop collar that conforms to the natural anatomy of the tooth for precise and repeatable occlusal reduction. These burs are also available in a 8° tapered option that is ideal for inlay and onlay preparations. 


Zirconia Diamond Burs

Zirconium restorations are notoriously difficult to remove. MEISINGER’s zirconia diamond burs are equipped to address this problem by efficiently cutting and adjusting zirconia restorations. These burs help prevent damage and are an instrument of choice for endodontic access and adjustments. 


SINGLES Diamonds: Sterile, Single-Patient-Use Diamond Burs

SINGLES Diamond burs offer a hygienic, convenient alternative to multi-use instruments. These burs are sterilized, individually packaged, and ready to use. These single-patient-use burs guarantee maximum cutting efficiency, eliminate risk of cross-contamination, and save time from cleaning and processing.


SINGLES Diamond Burs

Our SINGLES Diamond burs are available in multiple grains and shapes with friction and short-shank friction grips. 

Diamond Discs

Diamond discs feature a precise diamond coating for lasting use and enhance accuracy with vibration-free operation.


Diamond Discs

These discs are ideal for cutting and separating most restoration materials, including:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Gypsum
  • Zirconium oxide

Disc instruments are offered in sizes from 7 to 45 mm and in stiff and flexible configurations.

Suggested Diamonds By Procedure

Finding the right diamond instruments for any procedure or dental laboratory task is simple. Learn more about the tools we recommend for the following:  

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