APA23 2-Step Acrylic Polishing & Adjusting Kit
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APA23 2-Step Acrylic Polishing & Adjusting Kit

Product Code: APA23

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USD $141.80 /1EA
  • To Be Used On : Acrylic
  • Extraoral / Intraoral : Extraoral
    • 1EA

The 2-Step Acrylic Polishing and Adjusting Kit offers a simplified set of instruments to streamline the process of adjusting and polishing acrylic materials.. The Acrylic Carbides offer innovative tooth pattern that cuts efficiently while leaving a smooth surface to expedite the procedure. The two-step acrylic polishers quickly produce brilliant high-shine finish for an appealing esthetic result.

At a glance

  • Quick 2-Step polishing process
  • Acrylic carbides offer fast reduction while leaving a smooth surface
  • High-shine finish
  • Long service life


 Made in Germany

Kit Only Complete System Complete System Refill
Pre-Filled Kit YES YES -
Organizational Box - YES YES
Refills For Each Item - YES YES
Item Images And Re-Order Numbers - YES YES
Enhanced Office Organization - YES YES

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