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MA19 Master's Arch Kit, According to Sean Han, CDT

Product Code: MA19

USD $316.35 /1EA
  • To Be Used On : Acrylic
  • Extraoral / Intraoral : Extraoral
    • 1EA

Master’s Arch Kit - According to Sean Han CDT
A solution designed by Sean Han, CDT, featuring a selection of rotary instruments for every step throughout a full arch conversion. The included carbides and polishers promote an organized process and consistent results.


Watch Sean Han, CDT walk through this kit in this Instagram Video:

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 •  9573S-100-HP-BL  Blue, Cone, Coarse, Ø = 10.0mm, HP
 •  HM486GX-023-HP  Blue, Cylinder, Medium, Ø = 2.3mm, HP
 •  HM515-023-HP  Vacuum Form, Ø = 2.3mm, HP
 •  HM79SX-045-HP  Black, Round End Taper, Super Coarse, Ø = 4.5mm, HP
 •  HMB251S-060-HP  Black, Round End Taper, Super Coarse, Ø = 6.0mm, HP
 •  HMB79F-040-HP  Red, Round End Taper, Fine, Ø = 4.0mm, HP
 •  911D-220-HP  Perforated Disc, Double-Sided, Ø = 22.0mm, HP
 •  105-190-HP  Black, Chungking Bristles, Ø = 19.0mm, HP
 •  140-220-HP  Grey with Leather, Goat Hair Brush, 3-PLYØ = 22.0mm, HP
 •  253-250-HP  White, Wheel, Extra Fine, Ø = 25.0mm, HP
 •  253G-250-HP  Brown, Fuzzie, Coarse, Ø = 25.0mm, HP
 •  253M-250-HP  Grey, Fuzzie, MediumØ = 25.0mm, HP
 •  9769F-170-HP  Beige, Twist Composite, High Shine, Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 •  9769F-170-HP  Pink, Twist Composite, Pre-Polish, Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 Bur Block  
 •  BL1001  Blue, 33 HP Slots
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