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2565 Occlusal Reduction Bur Kit, Dr. Kometas

Product Code: 2565

USD $96.80 /1EA
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The Occlusal Reduction burs are engineered to facilitate and ensure accurate occlusal reduction processes with their unique depth stop collar. This collar properly forms to the natural contour of the tooth surface to consistently create a precise reduction. With the vertical orientation of the bur, the occlusal plane can be accessed with comfort and ease.

The Occlusal Reduction Burs are available in a variety of reduction lengths to serve as a solution for any restorative material at hand, such as: Zirconia, lithium silicate, layered porcelain, gold, etc. These burs are all a coarse grit to produce efficient and precise reductions.


Accurate Depth Reduction: The unique, angled depth stop provides accurate and consistent depth reductions

Natural, Coarse Diamonds: Allows for efficient cutting and enhanced durability

Color-Coded Bands: To quickly identify the cutting length / depth reduction

Ideal For: Occlusal reductions and veneer preparation

Concentric Construction: Eliminates vibration and chatter for consistent results

Precision Manufacturing: Manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards, ensuring consistent and precise sharpness


 Made in Germany

 •  828W-017-FG White, Coarse, 1.7 mm Ø, 1.0mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828G-017-FG Green, Coarse, 1.7mm Ø, 1.5mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828O-017-FG Orange, Coarse, 1.7mm Ø, 1.8mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828Y-017-FG Yellow, Coarse, 1.7mm Ø, 2.0mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828B-017-FG Blue, Coarse, 1.7mm Ø, 2.2mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828R-017-FG Red, Coarse, 1.7mm Ø, 2.4mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 Bur Block  
 •  BLK628FG Black, 18 FG Slots