BTX00 Screw System TX Kit, Bone Fixation, 7-10mm Screws
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BTX00 Screw System TX Kit, Bone Fixation, 7-10mm Screws

Product Code: BTX00

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  • To Be Used On : Surgery
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The Osteosynthesis System TX enables the universal use of fixation for autologous bone cylinders, bone blocks and bone shells for the purpose of pre-implantological augmentation. The Torx connection guarantees reliable accommodation of the screws in the driving tool and, at the same time, high tensile forces can be transferred.

For each 0.9 mm screw available, the kit contains a larger diameter rescue screw in case the transplant does not allow high tensile fixation. The small diameter and the low head size of the screws allow for a comfortable application for patient and user. 


 Made in Germany


Optionally Available:
Item: Description:
TL0T1 Bone Fixation Screwdriver


To our valued customers in Canada: Please note this item is currently not available in Canada as it is awaiting approval by Health Canada.



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