BBR00 Transfer Ring Control II Bone Augmentation Kit
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BBR00 Transfer Ring Control II Bone Augmentation Kit

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Transfer-Ring-Control II is a system for the bone ring technique, developed by Dr. Giesenhagen. It allows for one-stage proceeding of augmentation and implantation in case of resorbed jaw bone, if implant insertion alone is not possible because of inadequate spatial conditions. 

Due to the perfectly matched instruments, there is a created congruent bone and implant site, which allows for the treatment of three-dimensional defects with the help of prefabricated, allogenic bone rings. Because of the optimal fit between the jaw bone, bone ring, and the inserted implant, high primary stability is accomplished and healing time is significantly reduced.


 Made in Germany


Optionally Available:
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BR001 Bone Ring Tweezers



To our valued customers in Canada: Please note this item is currently not available in Canada as it is awaiting approval by Health Canada.

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