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B850-016-FG Black Cobra Diamond Bur, Round End Taper, 1.6mm Ø, Super Coarse, FG

Product Code: B850-016-FG

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USD $62.40 /5PK
    • 5PK
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The Black Cobra® Diamond burs are engineered to reduce chair time through the rapid cutting of natural tooth structure and ceramic materials. The super-coarse diamond grit is enhanced by the unique Carbocer© armor coating, which provides an extremely durable and wear-resistant cutting surface, creating a long-lasting diamond instrument you can trust. The Black Cobra's diamond-free channels ensure proper cooling and prevent clogging to promote efficient cutting.

Whether it is crown preparations or cutting tough zirconia crowns, the Black Cobra Diamonds are designed to make your job easier and faster.

CARBOCER© Armor Coating: A unique, diamond-like, armor coating designed to keep the diamond sharper for longer periods of time

Crown Removal: Cut through the hardest materials, such as zirconia, lithium silicate and other ceramics

Faster Crown Preps: Save time during crown preparations with the Black Cobra diamonds - simply follow with a medium or fine diamond for a smooth prep

Cooling Channels: The diamond-free channels optimize cooling of the bur and the restoration site, preventing diamonds from clogging

Precision Manufacturing: Manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards, ensuring consistent and precise sharpness

Made in Germany

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