CBEX1 Quintessential Extra Long Trephine Kit
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CBEX1 Quintessential Extra Long Trephine Kit

Product Code: CBEX1

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  • To Be Used On : Surgery
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The Quintessential Extra Long Trephine Kit provides a broad set of high-quality trephine drills with fine size graduations. These tools are designed specifically for creating cylindrical bone grafts quickly and accurately and for removing defined bone sections.

The trephine drills have a depth of 14 mm and have been developed specifically with mandibular surgery and implantology in mind. Thanks to the well-defined laser depth marking in 2 mm intervals, the drilling depth can accurately be monitored. 


 Made in Germany


To our valued customers in Canada: Please note this item is currently not available in Canada as it is awaiting approval by Health Canada.

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 •  229-020-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 10.0mm, Min. Ø = 2.0mm, Ext. Ø = 3.0mm, RAL
 •  229-025-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 10.0mm, Min. Ø = 2.5mm, Ext. Ø = 3.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-030-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 3.0mm, Ext. Ø = 4.0mm, RAL
 •  229L-035-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 3.5mm, Ext. Ø = 4.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-040-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 4.0mm, Ext. Ø = 5.0mm, RAL
 •  229L-045-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 4.5mm, Ext. Ø = 5.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-050-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 5.0mm, Ext. Ø = 6.0mm, RAL
 •  229L-055-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 5.5mm, Ext. Ø = 6.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-060-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 6.0mm, Ext. Ø = 7.0mm, RAL
 •  229L-065-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 6.5mm, Ext. Ø = 7.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-070-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 7.0mm, Ext. Ø = 8.0mm, RAL
 •  229L-075-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 7.5mm, Ext. Ø = 8.5mm, RAL
 •  229L-080-RAL  Stainless Steel, Length = 14.0mm, Min. Ø = 8.0mm, Ext. Ø = 9.0mm, RAL
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