LUS66 Luster Composite Finishing with Twist RA / FG Kit
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LUS66 Luster Composite Finishing with Twist RA / FG Kit

Product Code: LUS66

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MEISINGER’s LUSTER® Composite Finishing Kit was created to adjust and polish today’s advanced composite materials. The kit contains MEISINGER’s two step twist polishers for composite and MEISINGER’s Twist Finisher trimming and finishing burs. The two-step polishing system allows for short processing times and long service life for the twist polishers, which are flexible enough to adapt to any surface structure while gentle enough to preserve that structure.

The Twist Finishers were specifically designed for both hybrid and new generation composite materials. The helical design of the Twist Finishers ensures that the instrument stays in contact with the tooth surface to eliminate chatter, which results in an extremely smooth finish. The brushing action created when using the burs virtually eliminates striations that may occur with straight-fluted finishing carbides. All instruments are well organized in a high quality serializable bur block.

  • Includes our exclusive Twist Finishers for precise, smooth trimming of composites
  • Designed for polishing of all composite restorations 
  • Beautiful luster finish 


 Made in Germany

Kit Only Complete System Complete System Refill
Pre-Filled Kit YES YES -
Organizational Box - YES YES
Refills For Each Item - YES YES
Item Images And Re-Order Numbers - YES YES
Enhanced Office Organization - YES YES

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 •  D0132-008-FG  US #ET3, Orange, Point Taper, Fine, Ø = 0.8mm, FG
 •  D0133-010-FG  US #ET4, Orange, Point Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.0mm, FG
 •  D0134-014-FG  US #ET6, Orange, Point Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  D0135-014-FG  US #ET9, Orange, Point Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  D0379-023-FG  US #7406, Orange, Egg, FineØ = 2.3mm, FG
 •  9769F-100-RA  Beige, Twist, High Shine, Ø = 10.0mm, RA
 •  9769F-140-RA  Beige, Twist, High Shine, Ø = 14.0mm, RA
 •  9769M-100-RA  Pink, Twist, Pre-Polish, Ø = 10.0mm, RA
 •  9769M-140-RA  Pink, Twist, Pre-PolishØ = 14.0mm, RA
 Bur Block  
 •  OR102  Orange, 7 RA & 14 FG Slots
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