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Crest Control System

The Crest-Control system is a Horizontal Bone Spreading system which allows for a predetermined and minimally invasive widening of the horizontally resorbed alveolar ridge, particularly in the distal lower jaw. With the well-proven Horizontal Spreaders, the alveolar ridge can be expanded up to a maximum of 5 mm allowing any implant to be inserted in the widened area.

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186RF-018-RA Surgery, Stainless Steel Bur, Pilot Drill Spade, 1.8mm Ø, RA
  • USD $118.15 /5PK
  • 5PK
BCL00 Crestal-Lift-Control Kit, Comprehensive Crestal Approach Sinus Lift System
  • USD $1,930.65 /1EA
  • 1EA
CARA4 Surgery, Straight Ratchet
  • USD $327.35 /1EA
  • 1EA
CCR00 Crest Control Horizontal Bone Spreading System
  • USD $1,869.95 /1EA
  • 1EA
HM254E-012-RAL Surgical Carbide Bur, Special Fluting, 1.2mm Ø, RAL
  • USD $44.00 /2PK
  • 2PK
HM34IL-012-SU Surgical Carbide Bur, Pikos Bur, 1.2mm Ø, FGXXL
  • USD $62.65 /5PK
  • 5PK
SW0K1 Surgery, Hand instrument, Short Adaptor for Horizontal Spreaders
  • USD $118.90 /1EA
  • 1EA
SW0L1 Surgery, Hand instrument, Long adaptor for Horizontal Spreaders
  • USD $118.90 /1EA
  • 1EA
VCD50 Surgery, Horizontal Spreader, 5mm Leaf Width
  • USD $306.05 /1EA
  • 1EA