CAD / CAM Anterior Prep Kit by Dr. Dan Butterman
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CAD / CAM Anterior Prep Kit by Dr. Dan Butterman

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Developed in collaboration with Daniel Butterman, DDS, FWCW, the MEISINGER CAD/CAM Preparation Kits have been designed for optimal preparation of anterior and posterior teeth for CAD/CAM restorations.

Both kits minimize the number of components to only those that are absolutely necessary, which helps maintain efficiency for practice and inventory purposes.

Each kit contains burs with ideal geometry for preparing a tooth for CAD/CAM manufacturing, and each coarse bur has a matching fine bur to create a smooth restoration margin for a better fit. 


 Made in Germany

Kit Contents:

 •  833G-023-FG  Green, Egg, Coarse, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  834-016-FG  0.3mm Veneer Depth Cutter, Medium, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  834-021-FG  0.5mm Veneer Depth Cutter, Medium, Ø = 2.1mm, FG
 •  850F-012-FG  Red, Round End Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  850H-012-FG  Black, Round End Taper, Super Coarse, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  856F-016-FG  Red, Round End Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  856F-018-FG  Red, Round End Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.8mm, FG
 •  856H-016-FG  Black, Round End Taper, Super-Coarse, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  856H-018-FG  Black, Round End Taper, Super-Coarse, Ø = 1.8mm, FG
 Bur Block  
 •  OR300  Orange, 15 FG Slots