GC05 Twist Polisher Lab Kit for Poly-Ceramic According to Dr. Campbell
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GC05 Twist Polisher Lab Kit for Poly-Ceramic According to Dr. Campbell

Product Code: GC05

Extraoral Twist Polisher Kit for Hybrid Ceramics, according to Greg Campbell, DDS

Developed in collaboration with Greg Campbell, DDS the TwistPolisher Kit for Hybrid Ceramics is designed to be fast, repeatable andpredictable. Included in the extraoral kit are the necessary tools to adjustand polish hybrid ceramics, including a heatless stone for sprue removaland sintered (layered) diamond S805-018 for enhancing occlusalanatomy. MEISINGER‘s new Twist Polishers for hybrid ceramics bringout the luster of the restorations and are safe enough to use near themargins without damage. The 9787-145 high shine polishing wheelwas specially developed to enhance the facial surfaces with a stunningluster. The intraoral kit contains diamonds and polishers ideally suited foradjusting and polishing hybrid ceramics. The diamonds gently adjust theocclusal surfaces and margins for proper fit and function in preparationfor polishing. The polishing points and Twist polishers are included forblending and polishing all surfaces of the restoration to produce theperfect luster.
  • Fast, predictable, and repeatable adjusting and polishing of hybrid ceramics
  • Remarkable high shine results
  • High-quality diamond polishers
  • Short processing time

Materials to be used on:
  • VITA Enamic® (registered trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Lava Ultimate (registered trademark of 3M ESPE AG) 
  • CERASMART (registered trademark of GC America Inc.) 
  • Tetric® (Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH)

USD $175.90 /1EA
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  • Material to be used on: : Ceramics/Porcelain
    • 1EA