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Master Pin System

MEISINGER’s Master-Pin-Control System was designed specifically for the fixation of resorbable, non-resorbable and titanium membranes. Since the pins have an extra mini-thread, they are a hybrid between a screw and a pin. The thread increases the surface area of the pins and thus offers much more stability. In addition, because of this thread and a unique head design, the pins can be removed easily and safely, especially after a successful healing period. With their sharp tip and very stable shaft, they can be inserted into dense cortical bone with ease and precision.

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MP12 Surgery, Hand Instrument Membrane Fixation Pin Holder
  • USD $182.00 /1EA
  • 1EA
Titanium Pin in Master Pin Control 100 Pack
  • USD $1,375.00 /100PK
  • 100PK
Titanium Pin in Master Pin Control 50 Pack
  • USD $750.00 /50PK
  • 50PK