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Metal Cutting Carbides

MEISINGER's metal cutting carbides make short work of crowns, bridges, and other metal restorations, as well as amalgam fillings. Our metal-cutting carbide burs offer a quick, easy, and economical separation of crowns and bridges to make the removal efficient. This product line is crafted with a detailed understanding of current methods and materials used in the industry today and reinforced with strict quality controls for reliability. Made in Germany.

  • Optimum metal cutting burs for every material
  • Long working life
  • Remarkable cutting efficiency

 Made in Germany


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HMG37RS-012-FG Crown Cutting Carbide Bur, Round End Cylinder, 1.2mm Ø, Working Length 4.1mm, FG
  • USD $44.00 /5PK
  • 5PK

MEISINGER premium metal cutting carbides set the standard for lasting performance and remarkable cutting efficiency. This product line is crafted with a detailed understanding of current methods and materials used in the industry today and reinforced with strict quality controls for reliability. Find everything you need to enhance your selection of dental equipment from MEISINGER.

Premium Metal Cutting Burs for Dental Procedures 

One of the most widely used instruments in the industry, crown cutters aid in the quick and economical separation of crowns and bridges. In our line of premium instruments, each cut design suits different restorative materials. We manufacture cutting burs for soft precious metal alloys, hard precious metals, veneering ceramics, and more, including:

  • Crown cutters with cross cuts
  • Crown cutters with diamond cut
  • Amalgam removers with cross cuts

Our Metal Cutters and Crown Removers

Tough enough to cut through metal restorations, MEISINGER metal cutting carbides are crafted for use on crowns, amalgam fillings, and more. Close attention is given to each of our metal cutting burs, so dental professionals can work with care. We offer specific tools for each individual cutting or removal procedure. Professional practitioners have numerous options for the angle and head shape that best applies to the task at hand.

Strong Construction

MEISINGER metal cutting burs are crafted from high-density, fine-grain tungsten carbide. This durable material not only guards against corrosion and reduces the risk of breakage, but it also retains its shape well. Fine-grain instruments last longer when compared to coarse-grain alternatives, making our cutting burs reliable additions to your toolset.

Maximum Control

Engineered with an enhanced blade configuration, our carbide finishing burs remain sharper longer and foster smoother, more accurate results. Precise concentricity eliminates vibration, and enhanced blade geometry and cutting edges increases control, cutting efficiency, and speed while keeping chatter at a minimum. 

Guaranteed Quality

MEISINGER assures consistency in manufacturing, so the shape, size, and design of each instrument reliably address the unique challenges of each procedure. Our instruments exceed industry standards for removing and preparing restorations, enabling professionals to achieve predictable results. Designed to reach all areas of the anterior and posterior teeth, our metal cutting burs are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and shanks. 

Explore other top-quality carbide burs, including operative carbides and surgical carbides, as well as a full line of bur blocks that foster easy cleaning and clear organization. Our bur blocks come in a variety of configurations to keep your tools neatly organized. 

Order MEISINGER Metal Cutting Carbides Online

Cut through metal restorations with speed and precise control using the durable, German-made metal cutting burs dental professionals have trusted for decades. To place an order for your dental practice or lab, simply find the products you need online, check out, and select your preferred dealer. Reach out to us for more information about our instruments today.