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MEISINGER's Precision-Made Carbide Burs


The first step in producing consistent and predictable clinical outcomes is reaching for a dental tool that you can trust. MEISINGER's tungsten carbide instruments harness the power of precision with their stability and functional design. They feature precise toothing for optimal working performance, combined with a long lifetime and excellent concentricity. Our carbide burs are made from high-density, fine-grain tungsten carbide. 

 Made in Germany. 

Key Features:

  • Precision Manufactured Carbide Burs
  • Enhanced Cutting Blade Geometry
  • High-Density, Fine-Grain Tungsten Carbide
  • Available in Sterile and Non-Sterile Packaging
  • Made in Germany 



    Precise Concentricity

    Enhanced Cutting Blade Geometry

    Enhanced Cutting Blade Geometry

    Built with Highest Quality of Raw Materials

    Built with the Highest Quality of Raw Materials

    Also Available:
    SINGLES Carbides
    Pre-Sterilized, Ready-to-Use Carbides

    SINGLES Pre-Sterilized Carbides

    Key Features:

  • Individually-wrapped, pre-sterilized carbide burs
  • Packs of 25 burs
  • High-density, fine-grain tungsten carbide ensures strength and unification of the bur
  • Excellent concentricity minimizes chatter and vibration
  • Made in Germany 

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    MEISINGER USA Headquarters

    About Meisinger USA

    Since 1888, Hager & Meisinger GmbH has been one of the oldest and most efficient manufacturers of rotating dental instruments. As a pioneer in the field of precision work and with consistent focus on the actual needs of dental practices and laboratories, we have assumed a leading position in the dental industry. In 2001, Meisinger USA was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, and has been growing ever since. Our products, branded with “Made in Germany”, enjoy a first-class reputation that extends far beyond national borders. We live up to this reputation with every single product we manufacture.

    Our Awards

    We are constantly working to develop innovative, reliable solutions that doctors can depend on every single day.

    MEISINGER's Awards

    We are honored to hold awards from Dental Advisor, Dentistry Today, and more of the dental industry's top product reviewers!


    Our Key Opinion Leaders

    MEISINGER is lucky to work alongside several of the dental industry's most well-known names

    MEISINGER's Key Opinion Leaders

    Our Key Opinion Leaders include:
    Dr. John Russo, Dr. James Klim, Dr. Istvan Urban, &

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    "I have had the opportunity to work with MEISINGER for the past couple of years and to this day I'm still extremely impressed with their product line and quality of manufacturing. It's great to work with a company who has quality from top to bottom in everything from burs to polishers that help make me more efficient and productive."

    - Dr. Troy Schmedding



    "I am very happy with many of the MEISINGER products. I have been using MEISINGER products at both of my practices for several years and the company, reps and products have always exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend MEISINGER."

    - Dr. Giles B Horrocks



    "We've been a long-time user of MEISINGER rotary products for operative and surgical procedures. The Benex-Control Root Extraction Kit is a must have for extraction / immediate implant placement sites; the new loupes, optics and lighting system is superb. MEISINGER's sales and support teams are first-class!"

    - Dr. Robert Pauley

    "I have recommended MEISINGER SINGLES to colleagues for years."

    - Dr. Richard Creaghe