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Transfer-Ring Control

The MEISINGER Bone Management® Transfer-Control and Transfer-Ring-Control Systems have been developed especially for the performance of horizontal and vertical bone augmentation.

The instruments are perfectly matched to each other, so they allow for an exact and standardized transplantation of bone cylinders and rings. Therefore, a press fit between the transplanted bone and the prepared recipient site, which can be strengthened with a fixation screw, is achieved. This precise fitting of bone transplants leads to accelerated bone revitalization and wound-healing, so that after three to four months a stable bone site is achieved. Furthermore, the variety of different instrument sizes allows for high flexibility during bone harvesting.

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BBR00 Transfer Ring Control II Bone Augmentation Kit
  • USD $827.40 /1EA
  • 1EA
CTRI0 Transfer Ring Control I-Bone Replacing Kit
  • USD $877.10 /1EA
  • 1EA