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D0379U-018-FG Trimming & Finishing Carbide Bur, Twist Finisher, 1.8mm Ø, US #7406, Ultra Fine, FG

Product Code: D0379U-018-FG

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USD $65.05 /5PK
    • 5PK

Twist Finishers - Finishing carbide burs with a twist flute design, providing a remarkable smooth finish

MEISINGER’s Twist Finisher Carbides are capable of producing a far smoother finish on composite restorations than is achievable with traditional straight-fluted finishing burs. The unique helical flute design ensures that the instrument stays in contact with the tooth surface when working on the restoration, eliminating chatter that occurs when using straight-fluted burs. This results in an extremely smooth finish with virtually no surface striations.

Spiral Flute Design: The spiral flute design allows the bur to stay in continuous contact with the tooth surface, which eliminates chatter caused by a standard T&F straight flute design.

12, 20, & 30 Flutes: Every size and shape is available in 12, 20, and 30 flute designs to accommodate all esthetic trimming procedures.

  • Designed to complement all composite materials - including hybrid composites
  • The unique, helical flute design ensures continuous contact, eliminating chatter
  • Provides an extremely smooth surface with virtually no surface striations

Made in Germany

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