LUS03 Luster for Suprinity - Extraoral HP Laboratory Set
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LUS03 Luster for Suprinity - Extraoral HP Laboratory Set

Product Code: LUS03

USD $271.60 /1EA
  • To Be Used On : Zirconia
  • Extraoral / Intraoral : Extraoral
    • 1EA

The MEISINGER LUSTER® for Zirconia reinforced lithium silicate polishing system was specially developed for use on zirconium reinforced lithium silicate. This set contains pre- and high-gloss polishers, which are optimally matched to each other in shape and grain.

The 2-stage system can be used simply and without polishing paste on occlusal surfaces, cusps and fissures and demonstrates excellence with absolute high gloss.


 Made in Germany

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 •  9524P-023-HP  Brown, Cylinder, Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, HP
 •  9524V-023-HP  Light Blue, Cylinder, Coarse, Ø = 2.3mm, HP
 •  DCA03-200-HP-BL/O  Blue/Orange, Knife Edge, Smoothing, Ø = 20.0mm, HP
 •  DCA04-040-HP-BL/O  Blue/Orange, Point, Smoothing, Ø = 4.0mm, HP
 •  DCA06-170-HP-BL/O  Blue/Orange, Wheel, Smoothing, Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 •  DCA09-140-HP-BRN  Brown, Knife Edge, High Shine, Ø = 20.0mm, HP
 •  DCA10-040-HP-BRN/O  Brown/Orange, Point, High Shine, Ø = 4.0mm, HP
 •  DCA12-170-HP-BRN/O  Brown/Orange, Wheel, High Shine, Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 Bur Block  
 •  GR702  Green, 23 HP Slots
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