2670 Zirkon Master Kit, Diamond Abrasives, HP
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2670 Zirkon Master Kit, Diamond Abrasives, HP

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The Zirkon Master Kit for use on zirconium oxide restorations. These high-tech materials give pleasure to an ever growing popularity and allow the new zirconium abrasives to be used easily and precisely.

Minimal grinding pressure makes this an ideal instrument for designing in CAD/CAM-technology with minimal heat buildup. The special composition of the grinders significantly reduces the formation of microcracks even during dry processing. 


 Made in Germany

 •  Z602-040-HP Grey, Round, FineØ = 4.0mm, HP
 •  Z623-060-HP Grey, Wheel, Fine, Ø = 6.0mm, HP
 •  Z638-025-HP Grey, Short Barrel, FineØ = 4.0mm, HP  
 •  Z652R-035-HP Grey, Chamfer, Fine, Ø = 3.5mm, HP
 •  Z667-035-HP Grey, Football, Fine, Ø = 3.5mm, HP
 •  Z722-180-HP Grey, Saucer, Fine, Ø = 18.0mm, HP
 •  Z732-050-HP Grey, Large Barrel, Fine, Ø = 5.0mm, HP
 •  Z736-065-HP Grey, Inverted Clone, Fine, Ø = 6.5mm, HP
 Bur Block  
 •  ORG700 Orange, 15 HP Slots