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DSP22 Primeprint Finishing & Polishing Kit According to Dentsply

Product Code: DSP22

USD $286.00 /1EA
  • To Be Used On : 3-D Printed
  • Extraoral / Intraoral : Extraoral
    • 1EA

Designed in partnership with Dentsply Sirona, MEISINGER's Primeprint Finishing & Polishing Kit is designed to allow for the convenient and precise processing of all type of 3D prints. This kit is segmented into three different sections: Support Removal, Splints, and Temporaries - this allows for the most streamlined processing of the prints.

The Primeprint Finishing & Polishing Kit according to Dentsply Sirona is equipped with Meisinger's best selling instruments, including lab carbides and polishers.

  • Quickly and efficiently remove supports from the print
  • Precise finishing and polishing of splints and temporaries
  • Conveniently organized in an aluminum bur block


 Made in Germany



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 •  HM489FX-023-HP  Red, Pointed Christmas Tree, Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, HP
 •  HM79EX-040-HP  Yellow, Round End Taper, Extra-Fine, Ø = 4.0mm, HP
 •  941SG-220-HP  Disc, Perforated Sintered, Ø = 22.0mm, HP
 •  150-220-HP  White, Cotton, Ø = 22.0mm, HP
 •  9736H-150-HP-TRQ  Turquoise, Wheel, Coarse, Ø = 15.0mm, HP
 •  9769F-170-HP  Beige, Twist, High Shine, Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 •  9769M-170-HP  Pink, Twist, Medium,Ø = 17.0mm, HP
 •  9790-170-HP  Grey/Orange, TwistØ = 17.0mm, HP
 Bur Block  
 •  BLK702  Black, 23 HP Slots 
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