2561 Preparation Crown & Inlay Kit, According to Dr. Athen
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2561 Preparation Crown & Inlay Kit, According to Dr. Athen

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The Athens Preparation & Crown Inlay Kit provides an intelligent compilation of instruments for optimal crown and inlay preparation.

The torpedo-like diamond instruments equipped with an axially extending locator pin are suited for the creation of a defined chamfer. The circular chamfer is easily prepared supragingivally, while the polished locator pin is guided around the tooth without pressure. 


 Made in Germany

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 •  509F-016-FG  Red, Guide Pin, Fine, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  811LG-037-FG  Green, Long Barrel, Coarse, Ø = 3.7mm, FG
 •  833F-023-FG  Red, Egg, Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  833G-023-FG  Green, Egg, Coarse, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  847RF-016-FG  Red, Round Edge Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  847RF-018-FG  Red, Round Edge Taper, Fine, Ø = 1.8mm, FG
 •  847RG-018-FG  Green, Round Edge Taper, CoarseØ = 1.8mm, FG
 •  859-010-FG  Blue, Long Needle, Medium, Ø = 1.0mm, FG
 •  869F-012-FG  Red, Long Torpedo, Fine, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  869F-014-FG  Red, Long Torpedo, Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  869G-012-FG  Green, Long Torpedo, Coarse, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  869G-014-FG  Green, Long Torpedo, Coarse, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  881F-014-FG  Red, Round End Cylinder, Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  881G-014-FG  Green, Round End Cylinder, Coarse, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
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