BCL00 Crestal-Lift-Control Kit, Comprehensive Crestal Approach Sinus Lift System
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BCL00 Crestal-Lift-Control Kit, Comprehensive Crestal Approach Sinus Lift System

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Crestal-Lift-Control is a system for the performance of an easy and safe internal sinus lift. The elevation of the Schneiderian membrane occurs during the trans crestal drilling process.

The specially atraumatic design of the Crestal Drill with its four cutting edges and concave head allows for a safe forming of a conical bone flap and is more ideally suited for collecting bone chips. Additionally, the stop sleeve system, which is tailored to the special instruments, prevents the membrane from being injured or punctured. 

Crestal-Lift-Control provides an extensive range of instruments for the performance of a safe internal sinus lift.


 Made in Germany


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 •  186RF-018-RA  (x2) Pilot Drill, Length = 12.0mm, Ext. Ø = 1.8mm, RA
 •  859-018-RA  Blue, Long Needle, Medium, Length = 10.0mm, Ext. Ø = 1.8mm, RA
 •  CL001  Pilot Bur, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 2.0mm, RAXL
 •  CL019  Bone Graft Spreader, Length = 18.5mm, Min. Ø = 1.5mm, Ext. Ø = 2.5mm, RAXL
 •  CL020  Bone Graft Spreader, Length = 18.5mm, Min. Ø = 1.5mm, Ext. Ø = 3.0mm, RAXL
 •  CL021  Depth Gauge, Length = 16.0mm, Min. Ø = 1.4mm, Ext. Ø = 2.3mm
 •  TC21X-040-RAL  Ablative Barrel Bur, Length = 14.0mm, Ext. Ø = 4.0mm, RAL
 Crestal Drills  
 •  CL002  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 2.8mm, RAXL
 •  CL003  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 3.1mm, RAXL
 •  CL004  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 3.3mm, RAXL
 •  CL005  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 3.6mm, RAXL
 •  CL006  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 3.8mm, RAXL
 •  CL007  With Stop, Length = 16.0mm, Ext. Ø = 4.1mm, RAXL
 Stop Sleeves  
 •  CL008  Length = 4.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 12.0mm
 •  CL009  Length = 5.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 11.0mm
 •  CL010  Length = 6.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 10.0mm
 •  CL011  Length = 7.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 9.0mm
 •  CL012  Length = 8.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 8.0mm
 •  CL013  Length = 9.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 7.0mm
 •  CL014  Length = 10.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 6.0mm
 •  CL015  Length = 11.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 5.0mm
 •  CL016  Length = 12.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 4.0mm
 •  CL017  Length = 13.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 3.0mm
 •  CL018  Length = 14.0mm, Max. Drilling Depth = 2.0mm
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