BC03 Black Cobra Temporization Kit, Black Cobra Line
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BC03 Black Cobra Temporization Kit, Black Cobra Line

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MEISINGER’s Black Cobra® Crown Temporization Kit includes all the necessary instruments for adjusting and polishing temporaries. MEISINGER’s Black Cobra fine lab carbides for adjusting acrylics are included in this kit. These unique Black Cobra carbides are notable for their increased longevity, a result of low-friction coating that protects the carbide surface of the bur. Two diamond discs are included; the smaller disc is ideal for defining the embrasures, edges, and corners. The three polishers complete the kit and provide a superior finish to the temporary. The instruments are well organized in a high quality bur block that can be conveniently sterilized.

  • Extremely hard and wear-resistant diamond-like CARBOCER® coating 
  • Specific burs and polishers for temporary materials


 Made in Germany


Kit Only Complete System Complete System Refill
Pre-Filled Kit YES YES -
Organizational Box - YES YES
Refills For Each Item - YES YES
Item Images And Re-Order Numbers - YES YES
Enhanced Office Organization - YES YES

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