ENDO2 MEIEndo Access Bur Kit
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ENDO2 MEIEndo Access Bur Kit

Product Code: ENDO2

USD $235.30 /1EA
  • To Be Used On : Endodontics
  • Extraoral / Intraoral : Intraoral
    • 1EA

MEISINGER's Carbides are defined by their superior construction and ability to consistently yield precise results. Their remarkable strength and enhanced blade geometry provide both an optimal working performance and an extended service life. Made in Germany, these instruments are held to Germany's high-quality manufacturing standards to ensure practices are receiving an instrument they can trust.

Superior Construction: Consistently yields precise clinical results

Enhanced Blade Geometry: Allows for intricate, efficient cutting

Remarkable Strength: Provides optimal working performance and an extended service life

Precision Manufacturing: Manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards

Made in Germany

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 Endo Access Bur  
 •  HM191A-005-RAL  Pink, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.5mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-006-RAL  Grey, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.6mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-008-RAL  Purple, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.8mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-010-RAL  White, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.0mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-012-RAL  Yellow. Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.2mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-014-RAL  Red, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.4mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-018-RAL  Green, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.8mm, RAL
 •  HM191A-005-RAXL  Pink, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.5mm, RAXL
 •  HM191A-006-RAXL  Grey, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.6mm, RAXL
 •  HM191A-008-RAXL  Purple, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 0.8mm, RAXL
 •  HM191A-010-RAXL  White, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.0mm, RAXL
 •  HM191A-012-RAXL  Yellow, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.2mm, RAXL
 •  HM191A-014-RAXL  Red, Round, Long Neck, Ø = 1.4mm, RAXL
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