JK02 Prep & Finishing Kit, According to James Klim DDS
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JK02 Prep & Finishing Kit, According to James Klim DDS

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According to James Klim, DDS, "Preparation architecture, smooth flowing margins, and line angles are the cornerstone of successful milled indirect restorations." Dr. Kilm's preparation and finishing kit includes Black Cobra ® diamonds for efficient shaping and complementary carbide finishing burs for finishing the margins. The kit also includes MEISINGER's patented occlusal reduction burs for true occlusal reductions every time.

  • Designed specifically by Dr. James Klim for smooth, efficient restorations
  • Efficient shaping burs for smooth flowing margins and line angles
*Also available in a Complete System Click Here to view


 Made in Germany


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 •  HM246-009-FG  US #7901, Flame, T&F, Fine, Ø = 0.9mm, FG
 •  HM375R-016-FG  US #7675, Round End Taper, T&F, Fine, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  HM375R-018-FG  US #7686, Round End Taper, T&F, Fine, Ø = 1.8mm, FG
 •  HM44E-023-FG  Egg, Round End, T&F, Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  HM48L-012-FG  Flame, T&F, Fine, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  HMB21R-012-FG  US #1158, Round End Cylinder, Ø = 1.2mm, FG
 •  B830-023-FG  Black Cobra, Pointed Football, Super-Coarse, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  B850-016-FG  Black Cobra, Round End Taper, Super-Coarse, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  B855-018-FG  Black Cobra, Wheel, Round End Taper, Super-Coarse, Ø = 1.8mm, FG
 •  B862-014-FG  Black Cobra, Flame, Super-Coarse, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  828TG-017-FG  Double-Green, Coarse, Tapered, 1.7mm Ø, 1.5mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  828TY-017-FG  Double-Yellow, Coarse, Tapered, 1.7mm Ø, 2.0mm Depth, Occlusal Reduction, FG
 •  833C-023-FG  Yellow, Egg, Extra-Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  833F-023-FG  Red, Egg, Fine, Ø = 2.3mm, FG
 •  849G-016-FG  Green, Round End Taper, Coarse, Ø = 1.6mm, FG
 •  898C-014-FG  Yellow, Needle, Extra-Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  898F-014-FG  Red, Needle, Fine, Ø = 1.4mm, FG
 •  909G-040-FG  Green, Wheel, Coarse, Ø = 4.0mm, FG
 Bur Block  
 •  BLK628FG  Black, 18 FG Slots


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