CBE00 Benex Control - Root Extraction System
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CBE00 Benex Control - Root Extraction System

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Benex® Control is outstandingly suitable for the controlled and safe extraction of dental roots and dental root fragments, so the conventional extraction method using forceps and leverage can be avoided. Thanks to the innovative construction of the extractor, the root can be easily removed in a a particularly controlled manner without damaging bone or soft tissue.

To guarantee an optimal vertical transmission of force, there must be a flat area providing a supporting surface to the extractor. The quadrant support was developed specifically to provide this optimal support while also protecting existing dentition and providing support for the extractor in case of edentulous circumstances.

  • Safe and controlled extraction of roots
  • Possibility of immediate implant placement
  • Maximum preservation of the vestibular bone wall due to vertical extraction
  • Optimal protection of bone and soft tissues
  • Applicable to small root fragments
  • Osteotomy can be prevented
  • High patient acceptance


 Made in Germany


Optionally Available:
Item: Description:
BE001230015 Teflon Coated Bite Plate, Straight

HI306 Periotome, Hand Instrument



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 Optionally Available:  
 •  BE001230015  Teflon® Coated Bite Plate
 •  HI306  Hand Instrument Periotome, Length = 176mm
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